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Alloy wheels are one of the most important features when appreciating the aesthetics of your car and also the most exposed, so our platinum alloy wheel solutions can help you keep your car looking for good fo longer. Platinum Coatings understands this. We also recognise that along with other threats, the natural enemy to your wheels is the ‘curb’.

Understanding that the moment you hear the grinding scrape of alloy against concrete, you need the best and uncompromising alloy wheel services to return your wheels to their original nobility.

Our Process

Alloys and Us

Any alloy wheel that is bent, cracked, buckled or corroded, Platinum Coatings will restore them, removing every scuff, taking out any marks and reviving them back to their initial state of alloy fabricated glory, as part of our alloy wheel repair services.

The hue of your alloy is essentially an extension of the look, colour and style of your car. As trends change, so does our desire to modify our vehicles, and to repair alloy rims is one part of that.

Platinum Coatings has refined the methods used in alloy wheel refurbishment services. With a vast catalogue of colours, we can modify our alloys from matte black to a gloss white.