Wheel Repair, Straightening & Welding


As the rims get bigger, so do the potholes, meaning a greater demand for alloy wheel refurbishment in Trafford. Another nemesis of the alloy wheel is the unexpected hole in the road that can sometimes become unavoidable. Driving over the elusive road defect is an impact that is felt through both you and the entire body of the car. A question you don’t want to hear the answer to is “How much damage it could have possibly done?”

As part of our services, Platinum Coatings will provide wheel refurb in Manchester to straighten or weld any alloy wheel that is bent, cracked or buckled that is not running true as a result of these knocks on the when on the road.

By either driving down to our facility or bringing the wheels to us, we can offer affordable and effective wheel refurbishment in Manchester and restore wheels back to their original factory condition without compromising the strength of the alloy. Minimal cost will put back the confidence in driving on the road knowing that should damage occur again, Platinum Coatings will be your ‘go to’ service for alloy wheel repair in Trafford.

Porsche 911 wheel, TIG welded to repair missing chunks from damage, welding smoothed leaving a spotless and permanent repair.


Cracked wheel repaired by drilling the end of the crack and TIG welding, providing a high quality repair.