Our Process

The Platinum Coatings Process


Getting Under The Skin

Once the tyre itself is removed from the car, we strategically remove any valves or weights that assist in keeping the wheel balanced which will need to be replaced with new items later. We are left with just the bare alloy wheel.

The Chemical Strip

Once the tyre is removed, the alloy wheel is dipped into a preheated paint stripping chemical bath to remove both residual paint and clean the alloy itself of grime and dirt that could get caught later on in the refurbishment process.



Once we have a bare metal alloy wheel we then place the wheel into our shot blasting machine and blast the wheel with very fine grains of ‘copper’. This gives the wheel a perfect, smooth etched surface for the powder to adhere to. This process also removes corrosion from the wheel.

Assess The Damage

Once paint has been stripped away, this allows us to see the extent of the damage that needs to be repaired. Using special tools and methods we can then repair any curbing marks prior to the paint process.


Prime, Then Powder

Science done right. The powder coating method involves spraying electrically charged powder onto the alloy itself. Static electricity infuses the powder primer onto the alloy creating a smooth and flawless layer to apply the colour coat. The next layer of powder coating is the colour that the prime coat will permeate, making it more hard-wearing. Creating a brand new layer, this treatment increases the longevity of the alloy wheel tenfold. A lacquer coat is the final coat to be applied to the wheels. This can be in a desired gloss or matt finish as the customer desires. All 3 paint stages are cured in our box ovens at roughly 180 degrees. Once cured in the oven the wheels are then cooled down and ready to have the tyres refitted.

Tyres, valves and balancing

And lastly, the wheels have been fully restored to their former glory. Tyres are now refitted to them on our state of the art tyre fitting machine. We fit new valves to every wheel we refurbish. Once the tyres are fitted the wheels are then balanced on a machine, prior to being fitted back on the vehicle.


Job Done!

You now have a platinum-standard fully refurbished alloy wheel!